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About Lifetime Organizing     Hello!  I’m Aimee. I’m a wife and mother of three grown children. I started this blog, Lifetime Organizing,  because I’ve always loved organizing my time, my family, and everything else that goes on in our house. I also have a strange fascination with paper and love to organize my closet on a daily basis. Maybe I’m just wired that way. Even as a child, I had all my toys put neatly away. Weird, huh? 

After 29 years of marriage, I finally know what works best for me and my family. These are the things I want to share with you. On my site you’ll read about goals, weekly routines, daily scheduling, menu planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, organizing wardrobes, and planning for life’s special events. Because of my closet obsession, you’ll also find lots of wardrobe organizing tips that I hope you’ll find helpful.

My goal here is to inspire and motivate you to have an organized life that frees up time for the things that really matter such as family, friends, and good health.

To get the most from Lifetime Organizing:

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  1. Start at the top and work on one area at a time. Then, move on to the next area. 
  2. If you prefer, just use the list as a helpful index and work on the parts of your life that need the most work.

Please feel free to contact me for more topics you’d like to see on the site. Please subscribe on the home page to get every post sent to your email.

Hope you enjoy my site! Happy organizing!