Tips To Minimize Holiday Stress

Welcome back to the Holiday Planning Series! Today, I’ve got tips to help minimize holiday stress. If you feel like you’re already behind schedule, be sure to check out my Holiday Planning Checklist for the entire plan for the season. Then, just start wherever you are.

Tips To Minimize Holiday Stress

 If you just read that checklist and feel overwhelmed, I want you to sit back, take a break, and read on for how to deal with holiday stress. We’re all feeling it, myself included. It’s not supposed to be this way. We should be joyful, singing, and smiling with our fuzzy red sweaters, scarves, and mittens.

Today, I’ve got tips for dealing with the holiday stress. These tips are practical because, after all, we still have to get things done, right? These are to help you get things done in a calm, organized way so you can still enjoy the season. Read on for how to finish out the season with less stress and more joy.



 Pick three major goals for the holidays. These are the absolute most important things to get done during this busy season. We need to do them, so simplify and make a plan. Below are my three goals as an example.

  1. Activities – These are activities involving God, family, and friends. These are my top priorities for the holidays. These are things like church programs, daily devotions, family get-togethers, and connecting with friends.
  2. Gifts – Gifts are a big part of Christmas, so I make a plan for getting this done. At the beginning of December, I look at what gifts I still need to buy and make a plan for finishing up the shopping, the wrapping, and giving the gifts out. Simplify this job by getting your Christmas shopping done while out doing other errands or grocery shopping.
  3. Food – This is a big part of Christmas celebrations. So, how do we make time for all the extra baking? You could devote one afternoon for doing all your holiday baking, or you could take one week and make one thing each night after dinner. This works great if you work during the day.


 Just for the month of December, give yourself permission to cut back on the following:

  1. Cooking – For this month, plan on making easy quick meals on most days, or cook less often and plan on having leftovers. It’s temporary, just to get you through this busy season.
  2. Cleaning – Just do light cleaning. Save the thorough cleaning for the week before Christmas, before a party, or before having overnight guests. 


  • Exercise – Shorten your daily workouts or do a shorter workout in the morning and a shorter workout in the evening. Actually, does walking around the mall count?
  • Wardrobe – Simplify your wardrobe. Pick your 14 favorite tops and 7 favorite bottoms. Put together about 1-2 weeks of outfits. Put these in a separate section in your closet for easy, go-to outfits during this busy season. These should be outfits that you know look good and feel comfortable. 
  • Work – Plan ahead and get work-related things done so that you can have easier weeks the week before and after Christmas.
  • Family – Include your family in your holiday prep and get more quality time. Sneak in a fun lunch while out shopping, play Christmas music and wrap presents together, and get kids to help with baking (supervision required).
  • Time for yourself – Remember to take a little time for yourself, just to relax, have some tea, maybe listen to some Christmas music, or read a book. You need occasional breaks to make it through.




These are just some of my favorite tips for simplifying the season so it’s fun, not frazzled. Please let me know some of your holiday stress-busting tips.

For more holiday help, I’ve listed my 2017 Holiday Series posts below. So, take a few minutes to relax, read the tips, and finish out the season with fun memories!


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 Till next time, have a wonderful stress-free day!

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