How To Have An Easy Morning Beauty Routine

 How To Have An Easy Morning Beauty Routine     Your morning routine for getting yourself dressed and ready to go out the door can be as easy or complicated as you want. It definitely varies for everyone, but most of us are super busy and need a routine that will get us looking great and then let us move on with our day.

      Some women are minimalists and can get ready in 30 minutes. Others like to spend more time on elaborate hairstyles and makeup. I think I fall somewhere in between. I would love to get ready in 30 minutes but that just doesn’t work for me. So, for several years, I’ve had a routine that works for me that takes about an hour, from start to finish. I feel like that is a reasonable amount of time for me to get dressed and ready for my day. Of course, for special events, I might need longer, but for a daily morning routine, I need one hour.

     So, for those of you who would like to try cutting back your routine to one hour, or just rearrange your current routine to make it more simplified, I am sharing my 1-hour morning beauty routine.


10 Minutes:   Shower time, including shaving, and washing and conditioning hair

10 Minutes:   Body lotion, deodorant, brush teeth, wash face, moisturize face, apply eye cream

10 Minutes:   Makeup   (more details about my skincare and makeup routine coming soon):

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadows
  • Eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Face powder
  • Cologne

 10 Minutes:   Apply hair product, according to your hair type and hairstyle. (I use volumizier). Blow-Dry hair.

  5 Minutes:   Get dressed and add accessories. This should only take 5 minutes if you plan your outfit the night before.

15 Minutes:    Style hair.

1 Hour total:  You’re ready to go!


      That’s my 1-hour morning beauty routine. In addition to that, I have other things that I try to do every morning before getting started on my day. These are covered in a previous post, How To Be More Productive With Morning Routines.

      I hope this helps you simplify and streamline your mornings and gets you off to a great start on your day. If you have other ideas for easy, simple morning routines, please leave comments below.

     Have a wonderful, beautiful day!    


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