How To Build A Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Spring/Summer Wardrobe     After cleaning and organizing your closet, it’s time to build upon those items that you’ve kept. We’re now going to add items to what we already have to make our wardrobe more functional, yet still simple and easy to maintain. First, you might want to use my printable Lifetime Wardrobe Checklist.

The system that I’ll be talking about is a system that I have used for years, and has always worked well for me. It is actually a fairly small number of pieces, yet I have enough clothes that I don’t need to wear anything very often. For each month, the base of my wardrobe is 28 tops and 14 bottoms. That means I only have to wear each top about once a month and each bottom twice a month. Pants and skirts are more basic pieces, so nobody would know if you wore them more often, therefore, 14 is plenty to have. The types of tops and bottoms that you need depends on your lifestyle and where you spend your time. For example, you might have different kinds of items for weekends versus weekdays. So, you would need 8 tops and 4 bottoms for weekends and 20 tops and 10 bottoms for weekdays. Of course, this is just a basic wardrobe. If you can later add more pieces, that would give you even more mix and match options. But the basic wardrobe should be your goal to start out with.

The types of tops and bottoms that you need will depend on your lifestyle. Some people need a good work wardrobe and just a few casual items for weekends. Some people need a good wardrobe full of nice casual clothes with only a few dressy items for the weekend. When developing your wardrobe from the essentials checklist and my monthly wardrobe system, remember to adapt it to your own lifestyle. These are just guidelines to get you started.

Some of you may be thinking that you’re just too far from having 28 tops and 14 bottoms after cleaning out your old clothes. You might not have a lot in the budget for shopping and think it’s impossible to get a decent wardrobe together. It is possible! I’ve developed a summer wardrobe plan for those who need or want a simple, minimal wardrobe for this spring/summer.  Print out the Lifetime Minimal Summer Wardrobe and add pieces slowly, starting with the basics. This also works for a summer vacation wardrobe because it gives you lots of mix and match items.

After looking at your closet and looking at the checklists, it’s time to write a list of things to add to your wardrobe. I believe in building a wardrobe with a strategy. So, first, go through the essentials checklist and see if there is anything specific you don’t have and need to add to your shopping list. Then, do a count of your tops and bottoms and see if you have enough. If you don’t, then add those to your list. But remember, quality over quantity. It’s better to get specific basic pieces added to your wardrobe than to just fill your closet with junk to have a lot in your closet.

Now take your list and prioritize what you have on your list. For example, if you desperately need work pants, you would put a #1 beside that and make it a top priority when shopping. Put a number beside everything on your list. Then, since I love lists, I rewrite my list in priority order. I also believe in sticking to a budget, so at the top I write my monthly clothing budget and beside each item I write an estimate of how much I think something will cost. I’ve included a Lifetime Seasonal Clothing Shopping List to help you organize your shopping plan for the season. This will at least give you a guideline. Also, your budget might not be enough to get everything on your list, but with a prioritized list, you will get the things you need the most.

You now have an awesome wardrobe system to make your life easier and keep you dressed appropriately every day! Now you’re ready for the fun part, the shopping! Put your purse down please! First we need a shopping game plan, which is coming up next!

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