Easy Vacation Morning Beauty Routine

Are you getting ready to go on vacation and need an easy vacation morning beauty routine? I have to admit, I am very high maintenance when it comes to my morning routine. I only feel put together if I’ve got a full face of makeup and every hair in place. That’s a bit of a dilemma for someone like me who loves a simple organized life. Well, I’ve been trying to get better at finding an easy vacation morning beauty routine so that my summer fun won’t be delayed by my primping time.

Easy Vacation Morning Beauty Routine


Through the years, I have come up with some morning time savers that have helped me and that’s what I want to share with you. These are easy tips and tricks that have helped me to simplify my morning routine so I can get ready quickly and get out and about and enjoy my summer fun. I hope you’ll be inspired to give some of these a try and simplify your beauty routine on your next trip.

An easy vacation morning beauty routine starts with a little planning before you even leave your house. So, before you pack, go back and read here for how to pack beauty products for a summer trip. Also, check out how to pack for a summer trip

Now that you’ve got your beauty products ready, how do you get through your morning routine quickly so you can get out there and enjoy your trip? For vacation, you’ve got to keep it simple, organized, and efficient. The following are the ways I simplify my morning routine while on vacation.

Easy Vacation Morning Beauty Routine

Prep the night before:

  • Plan the next day’s outfit and all accessories. Iron or use wrinkle removing spray. 
  • Keep your outfit simple. Keep your jewelry simple and instead wear colors that brighten you up.
  • Shower the night before, if possible.
  • Wash hair the night before, if possible.
  • Use self tanning lotions the night before.
  • Do most of your skincare the night before, such as face scrubs, face masks, and anti-wrinkle serums.
  • Do manicures and pedicures at night.

Streamline your morning routine:

  • Set up a morning bathroom schedule for everyone on the trip. If you only have one bathroom for everyone to get ready in, this is crucial for getting out the door early.
  • Set a morning schedule for yourself  for getting ready. Watch the clock and be done according to the bathroom schedule mentioned previously.
  • Drink your coffee while getting ready. You’ll be awake and beautiful all at the same time!
  • Take shortcuts when possible. For example, if you did a more extensive skincare routine the night before, you can probably just get by with basic cleansing and moisturizing in the morning.
  • Learn to multitask. For example, leave hair conditioner in your hair while shaving. Then, lastly, rinse out.
  • Use products that can do double duty. For example, you can use hair conditioner as a shaving cream. This saves time opening another product. I also use scented lotion instead of bringing a separate cologne.
  • For more volume in your hair, set your hair in velcro rollers and leave in while doing makeup.
  • If you have a mirror on the outside of your hotel bathroom, you can finish hair and makeup outside of the bathroom while everyone else takes their turn showering.
  • Keep your makeup routine as simple as possible. For example, skip concealer, use only two eye shadow shades, use bronzer instead of blush, and use tinted lip balm instead of lipstick, liner, and gloss. Keep it simple!
  • Keep your jewelry simple on vacation. Even though we all love to wear awesome jewelry and show our glamorous side, just bring a couple different pairs of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Two or three of each should be plenty for a weeklong trip.
  • Have just one purse for your trip. Make it a neutral color that goes with all your outfits. That saves time switching purses for each outfit.
  • Take a small makeup bag in your purse and consider doing your makeup in the car. 
  • Apply your sunscreen at the beach, not in your hotel room.

Easy Vacation Morning Beauty Routine

Those are my best tips for simplifying your vacation beauty routine. If you have more time-saving ideas, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

Till next time, have a wonderful day!



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