Countdown To Summer Checklist

Are you ready for summer?  We’re just a few days away from the official beginning of summer fun! If you’re like me, you have big dreams of making memories with your family that you’ll remember for years. Well, summer goes really, really fast, and if you don’t make specific plans, you’ll get to September wishing you had done more. So, today, I’ve got a countdown to summer checklist to help you plan and prepare for your summer and make it the best it can possibly be. 

Countdown To Summer Checklist 


  1. PLAN EVENTS. Look at all your events for the summer and make a checklist (yes, another checklist!) for each event. Write each step in your calendar so you won’t forget and you’ll be ready! This also includes planning your summer vacation. Of course, I’ve got a checklist for that too! Click here.
  2. PLAN FOR HOUSE GUESTS. Summer is the season when we sometimes get more guests, so make calls to invite people and block that time out on your calendar. Be sure to read my Checklist For Preparing For Guests.
  3. PLAN YOUR KIDS’ ACTIVITIES. For those of you with kids at home, summer can get crazzzzy busy! Plan their activities now and limit them, if necessary, to have a fun summer. I know it’s tough. I remember. But kids need to have some downtime too, don’t you think? 
  4. PLAN YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS. This might be the perfect time to get major home improvement projects done while the weather is nice.
  5. PLAN YOUR BUDGET. With all the summer activities, vacations, and home projects, your budget can easily get out of control, so plan ahead for these expenses and stick to the plan!
  6. PLAN YOUR PERSONAL PROJECTS. Set some personal goals for your summer such as starting a fitness routine and healthier diet. Memorial Day would be a great day to start if you haven’t already.
  7. PLAN YOUR WARDROBE. I know for me, summer is more fun if I have the right clothes for all my activities. Take a look in your closet and see if you need to shop for anything, especially for events and vacations.
  8. PLAN YOUR WORK SCHEDULE. Now’s the time to ask for time off work for vacations, weddings, or other special events. If possible, you might want to rearrange your work schedule or cut back on hours.
  9. PLAN TO GET ORGANIZED. Think about what areas of your life trip you up most of the time and throw off your schedule. Whether it’s time management or a messy kitchen, write down your top three and work on one each month. By September, you can have three parts of your life more organized.
  10. PLAN YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS. I know it’s not January and time to make resolutions, but summer is the perfect time to relax and think about the future. Revise your goals for the next year, enjoy your summer, and by September, you’ll be ready to start on them.



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Countdown To Summer

Now you’ve got a 10-step summer checklist to help you have a fun and productive summer!

Have a wonderful summer and a wonderful day!

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